Op GFODT: 21st to 23rd Sept 2012

Okay, few days worth of food/exercise diary after the break.

Friday 21st Sept.

Breakfast: cinnamon bagel, two 500ml Diet Cokes, big coffee.

Lunch: rice ball things I can’t remember the name of at work.

Supper: raw pepper/celery hearts with low fat dip, avocado.


Cross trainer: 12 minutes, 1.69km, 55Kcal (was trying ‘fat burn’ workout on it, not a fan).

Bike: 12 minutes, 7.23km, 194Kcal.

Rower: 10 minutes, 2.47km, 162Kcal.

Treadmill: 10 minutes, 2.04km, 102Kcal.


Saturday 22nd:

Brunch: eggs and mushrooms on toast and coffee. Two scoops ice cream.

Supper: mock duck and drumsticks at Peking Palace.


Sunday 23rd:

Brunch: porridge.

Supper: Asparagus, peppers, low fat humus, celery sticks.

Exercise: 7.3 mile loop round Walton Bridge and Chertsey Bridge, 35 minutes as a baseline.


Weight this morning: 172.2lbs.

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