Op GFODT: 14th September 2012, small links.

Is XKCD ever actually wrong?

How they must have cared for the animals on the Ark. Really.

Photo studies of ‘Casual Encounters‘ on Craigslist.

iOS fragmentation chart.


Food/Exercise diary after the break.

Breakfast: cinnamon bagel, two 500ml Diet Cokes, jug of coffee.

Lunch: cheese and spinach sandwich.

Supper: Wagamamas yasai soba and yasai gyoza.




Treadmill: 2.32km in 10 minutes. 104kcal.


Bike: 5.53km in 12 minutes. 150kcal.


Cross trainer: 1.67km in 12 minutes. 170kcal.


Rower: 2.32km in 10 minutes. 142kcal.

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