Op GFODT: Days 3 and 4

Okay, so didn’t post an update yesterday (got back too late from gig), so here’s a quick two days worth after the break:


Breakfast: veggie sausage sandwich from a cafe (two Quorn ones in a wholemeal bun, lettuce and cheese).

Lunch: some salad and about four sixths of a home made quesadilla. One eighth of an experiment with chocolate and chillis in one as well.

Supper: M&S spinach and pine nut pasta salad on the way back from Dead To Me in Camden.

Had four 500ml Diet Cokes at some point as well, and a couple of non-alcoholic Erdinger at the Black Heart.

Exercise: about 40 minutes on the exercise bike.



Brunch: 6″ veggie patty from Subway. Small bottle of Lucozade.

Snacks: three apples. Two 500ml Diet Cokes.

Supper: some home made black bean chilli and some eBly.

Exercise: cycled about 14 miles down the canal tow path from Weybridge to Guildford in about 1 hour 45 minutes. Tried to go river swimming, but big “no swimming” sign where I’d had suggested.

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