Daily links: 11th August 2009

Round up of a few links.

The Smoking Gun – Telephone Terrorist – The Smoking Gun goes on the offensive, and tracks down the internet superstars behind Pranknet. A guy who never leaves the house where he lives with his mother, a 51 year old convicted of drug trafficking, a Texan who’s on the sex offenders register for taking pictures of a naked 8 year old, the list goes on. These are the people who gained kudos by convincing people in hotel room to destroy the room and the like.

The Sun – Julian Brooker Apology – possibly one of the most complete apologies you will ever see in a newspaper.

IBDeditorials – How House Bill Runs Over Grandma – an American opinion site talks about the plans in the US for healthcare reform, and links these to the NHS in the UK. One of their gripes is that spending is decided based on how much it would improve someone’s quality of life, and how certain groups of people would not get all the treatment that could help them, and thus be left to die. It uses an example of someone who would not survive in the UK – Stephen Hawking. Stephen Hawking, who was born and lives in England.

TechCrunch – Calvin Harris videos removed from YouTube – So you’re a musician, and you like to keep close to your fans. One of the things you do is run your own YouTube presence. All fine and dandy, right? True… Until the BPI starts putting in removal requests for the videos. Worth reading just for the quotes from Calvin Harris’s Twitter.

Ironic Sans – the Outlet Wall – ever run out of places to plug your gadgets in? Not in this house.

Seinfeld Relationships – visual representation of how people relate in Seinfeld.

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