Cornered and Ironclad tour – Warburg to Kiel

Day 3, Warburg to Kiel. The van gets worse, World Cup, harbour vs beach.


We spent the night at the youth centre in Warburg, the others apparently spent the night going to a club, and getting slapped at a lake by a middle aged woman. When the morning came around, I was pretty much wanting to get the van to a mechanic, but there’s nowhere that’s open on a Sunday. It’s an off day, so there’s no major hurry, and we can take it easily to avoid straining the van. So we went swimming again before heading off… As you do.


There’s not really much to say about the drive to Kiel, except it was pain with the dodgy gears. Main thing we were looking forward to was the World Cup final, three Dutch guys in the van meant we were slightly biased against Spain. Got to Kiel, and German Niels (who we were staying with) wasn’t back yet. Headed down towards the centre to find a bar showing it, and found one down a side street. World Cup final on and waiter service to your seat for drinks and food, can it get any better? It could have, if Holland had managed to beat Spain. By this time German Niels was around, so we got some drinks, food, and went for a walk down to the harbour. Not actually that swimmable in the end though.

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