Android apps on my G1

Told a friend I’d post a list of the apps on my G1, as he’s just getting an Android phone. I’ll put them into categories after the break.



Best thing to come when Cupcake launched. Desktop apps which can show you different information, either from your phone or remotely.

Rounded Labs toggles

These are perfect examples of what the control widgets should be  – simple buttons, with a handy visual representation of what the current state is. You can see them all here at the Rounded Labs site. Search for ’rounded labs’ on the Market and you’ll find them all.

normal – ringer toggle. Switches between volume and vibrate, vibrate, silent and no vibrate.

blue_off – bluetooth toggle. Turns bluetooth on and off.

screen3 – brightness toggle. Cycles through 5 different screen brightness options.

wifi_on – wifi toggle. Turns wifi on and off.

Retro Meters

From CRSoft. Nice pack of four similar dial displays showing remaining battery, signal strength, wifi signal strength, and internal memory usage.


CurveFish toggles

Fills some gaps to the Rounded Labs set. There’s four I use, but you can see the full set on their site here.

autorotate_onoff_icon – autorotate on/off. Allows you to choose if you want the display to automatically rotate.

lockpatternonoff – lockpattern on/off. Handy for turning off the lock pattern if you’re needing to frequently look at your phone (like I am with this post).

autosync_icon – autosync on/off. If you’re going overseas, or you don’t have unlimited data, it’s nice to be able to quickly stop everything automatically synchronising over the air.

2g3g_onoff_icon – 2G/3G on/off. 2G uses less battery, but is slower. Nice to be able to prioritise what you prefer.

Money Tracker

As Brindy says on his site “a very simple money tracking application”. Money Tracker allows you to keep a very, very quick and easy track of what you’re spending, and displays what the current situation is on your desktop.

Picture 3

Sticky Note

Made by Bratag as a quick project, according to some forum posts by him. It might be a quick project, but it’s damn useful. Displays a tiny note on your desktop, which expands when you click on it to a full display of the contents. Here are the two states.


BBC News and BBC Sport tickers

These two sit on the home screen of my desktop. They simply display the RSS feeds from the BBC sites, with one main headline, and then a list that pops up.


Retro Clock / Calendar

Nice looking clock and calendar based on a classic mechanical flipping clock. Tap the clock and you get to the alarm clock, tap the date and you get to the calendar. Good mix of info, aesthetics and usefulness from JSource.


Daily Stuff feeds

Androidsx Brothers made this. It’s a widget that links to various different RSS feeds – ones which are good for random facts, quotes or interesting bits and pieces.

-6869592706321355192 – I’ve got four on my desktop. NYT idea of the day, today in history, most curious stories and daily random quotes.

Sitting at the top of my desktop, I’ve got four folders which contain apps in four categories. I’ll go through these one by one.


Contains things I use to contact people (obviously). Just five of the standard apps in here – Contacts, Dialer, Google Mail, Google Talk and Messaging.


Guess what’s in here…?


Based on tilting the phone around to guide a ball to a hole, avoiding dropping it off the side. Looks like there’s a second one from Jason Tomlinson now.


Minesweeper, basically. Comes from Artful Bits.


Battle For Mars

It’s a pay game from Larva Labs, but well worth it in my opinion. Turn by turn gameplay, fighting to control various resource points.


Chain React

Hit a single point, aiming to set off as many explosions as possible. Seem to be a few versions out there, but the one I’ve got is by Jered Windsheimer. Basically, it’s Boomshine.



Convert the entire screen to one colour by changing a growing block’s colour repeatedly.


Dope Wars

Port of the classic simple PC game. Travel around buying and selling drugs.

Labyrinth Lite

Very similar to Amazed, but more advanced. Tilt based maze, with drop traps in it. Made by Illusion Labs.



A pay app, but you can load any NES ROM to play. Made by a dev called Yongzh. No real point posting screenshots, as there are too many games I could load up!

PapiCatch, PapiJump, PapiPole and PapiRiver

Family of simple little minigames, which can be infuriatingly addictive. From Sunflat Games. This is a shot of PapiJump, where you tilt the phone to jump him up the platforms.


Retro Defense

A tower defence game where you have fixed positions to place towers. There’s a free version on the Market, but it’s well worth the money for the full version. It’s another one where it’s from Larva Labs.


Robo Defense

More traditional style tower defence, in that you can put towers anywhere. Lot of different levels and achievements to try to collect. This one’s from Lupis Labs.



If you need to ask what Snake is, back away from the magic shiny screen. From Android Freeware.



Port of this game. Hold down to go up, release to go down.


Trap increasing numbers of balls in decreasing areas, and try to box of parts of the arena. Made by Matt Wachowski.



This folder’s got all the stuff that I class as relating to different types of media. Keep the standard browser, camcorder, camera, gallery, market, music and YouTube apps in here, and these other ones.


Podcast app – monitors feeds, downloads, and stores to play. Best one for this sort of thing, here‘s the feedback page. Can’t find a screenshot.


Given the lack of any official support from the BBC, this is a godsend. One wish? Radio shows too! Made by Dave Johnson.


Chm Reader

Supports the reading of e-books in .chm format on the phone. On Google Groups here.

Stream different radio stations from the site over the air – yours, a certain artist, a friend’s. Demo and stuff here.

Mother TED

Streams the various videos from the TED conferences. More here.



Slice up an MP3 to make a ringtone. Mine’s currently a high frequency 8khz tone, so not needed it recently. Project’s hosted here.



Pretty much anything that doesn’t fit in another category. Stuff like Calculator, Maps and Compass from the standard set.


I almost forgot to include this, mainly because it’s simple and requires next to no interaction to be incredibly useful. Download it, install it, activate it, and it picks up when you’re ringing an 0870 number and redirects to the geographic landline so that you don’t get charged. By Simon Maddox.

AK Notepad

Simple note taking application by Andrew Kurniadi. Allows you to categorise the various notes and stuff.



Countdown alarm by Adam K – handy for timing cooking or the like.



Just shows a bright white screen. There’s nothing more to it, and there doesn’t need to be anything more to it. It’s one of those “where the fuck did I just drop that?” things.


Pics up traffic alerts, although I’m finding that now Google Maps allows you to see the traffic layer on the phone, that’s all that’s really needed. Pulls off here.

LED Scroller

Scrolls a phrase across the screen in big bright LED style patterns. Handy in loud places. From DKDroid.



In theory, a price comparison tool by Big In Japan for when you’re out and about. In practice, not great in the UK. Planning to use it to build a list for Music Magpie.


Shopping List Plus

It’s for… erm… shopping lists. Here’s Babak Mozaffari‘s site.


Sky Map

Google app that picks up where you are, what way you’re facing, then shows you what constellations are in the sky where you’re looking. Can also direct you to a particular object.


Strobe Light

I hate epileptics.

UK Traffic

Another traffic app, this time from Simon Judge. Probably wins out between this and gTraffic.



Allows easy access to a WordPress blog. Like this one. Done by Dan Roundhill.


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  1. Thanks for the mention. Glad you like Money Tracker. My site is back up and running now – had to rejig it as I’m going freelance fulltime from August.

    Also available for iPhone, btw 😉


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