Daily links: 13th August

Round up of some links.

Red Remover – game where you need to get rid of the red and keep the green.

Knightfall – from Armor Games. This one involves clicking linked blocks of three or more of the  same colour to remove them, and trying to make your way to the door. You’ll need to rotate the board so you drop in the right spot.

New Scientist reviews The Yes Men Fix The World – The Yes Men are pranksters with a point. They’re the people who got on the BBC as Union Carbide representatives and announced the company was going to compensate people for Bhopal. I’ll be looking out for this.

David Shayler’s getting evicted from a squatted farmhouse – but the really interesting bit comes in paragraph six. Go on, go and read it. Edit: There’s pictures at the Daily Mail here.

Russian ship goes missing in Europe – we’re used to piracy off Africa, not off Sweden, but there’s suggestions that that’s how this container ship has gone missing.

Firefox (or Fennec) on the phone – interview with the Vice President of Mozilla at Lifehacker. Goes into what their priorities are, and where it might be coming to. Interesting how it might link to a desktop installation of Firefox.

How Freedom Of Information was used to bring out MP’s expenses – interesting recording about how Heather Brooke basically lit the touchpaper under the entire thing.

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  1. people often go a bit odd, get depressed and never quite come back etc etc… but it’s a rare and beautiful thing to watch someone quite brilliant (kinda) go absolutely batshit.

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