Op GFODT/Links: 25th Sept 2012

First things first, weighed myself this morning and came in at 173.6lbs. That gives me a BMI of…

BOOM! First target with exercising done. Happy days. Next step’s adding some weights into the gym routine. Couple of links follow.


Mitt Romney thinks it’s a serious problem that you can’t open the windows on airplanes.

Good write up from an Irish journalist on tracking down a Twitter troll here. Bit surprising,


Food and exercise diary after the break for yesterday and today.

Monday 24th September

Breakfast: cinnamon bagel, two 500ml Diet Coke, coffee.

Lunch: something at work. Can’t remember what.

Supper: savoury cheesecake and chips at Ikea. Happy I didn’t get the pizza at Costco!


Cross Trainer: 1.99km in 12 minutes, 146 Kcal.

Bike: 6.56km in 11 minutes, 179 Kcal.

Rower: 2.36km in 10 minutes, 147 Kcal.

Treadmill: 2.39km in 10 minutes, 123 Kcal.


Tuesday 24th September:

Breakfast: cinnamon bagel, two 500ml Diet Cokes, big coffee.

Lunch: Pasta, green beans, potatoes.

Supper: Thai team meal with work.


Cross trainer: 4.83km in 32 minutes, 374 Kcal.

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