Op GFODT/Links: 19th September 2012

Some small links, and then food/exercise diary after the break.

What’s life like when you can’t go online? LulzSec’s Topiary legally can’t, and has an article on the Observer here.

Finding links for the post on Sir Christopher Lee earlier, found this alternative ending to The Wicker Man.


Breakfast: cinnamon bagel, two 500ml Diet Cokes, big coffee.

Lunch: Spanish tortilla, salad and braised fennel.

Supper: chilli linguine and home made arabiata sauce again.



Cross trainer 2.24km in 12 minutes, 154kcal.

Bike 7.27km in 12 minutes, 199kcal.

Had first mid session “fuck it” moment on the rower after 1km. Not happy with that.

Did extra ten minutes on bike at home.

Weight this morning was 175.4lbs. I know this is going to be the lightest of the day, but damn it, getting close…!

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