Op GFODT: 17th Sept 2012.

Food/Exercise diary stuff.

Breakfast: cinnamon bagel, two 500ml Diet Coke, jug of coffee.

Lunch: vegetable tart and roast carrots.

Supper: walnut and gorgonzola ravioli, asparagus with parmesan and tarte tatin (trying new Italian place next door and destroying the gym work…!)



Cross Trainer: 2.33km in 12 minutes, 157kcal.

Bike: 7.02km in 12 minutes, 188kcal.

Rower: 2.42km in 10 minutes, 155kcal.

Treadmill: 2.61km in 10 minutes, 119kcal.

Weight is currently 179lbs.

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