Op GFODT: 12th Sept 2012

Standard food diary/exercise log after break.

Breakfast: cinnamon bagel, two 500ml Diet Cokes, big coffee.

Lunch: veggie enchilada at work canteen.

Supper: griddled peppers, courgettes, shallots, garlic and bean sprouts.


Rowing machine: 3.4km in 15 minutes, 207Kcal burnt.

Recumbent bike: 9.7km in 17 minutes, 264Kcal burnt.

Cross trainer: 2.5km in 17 minutes, 197Kcal burnt.

Weight is 180.5lbs, which means a BMI of 25.81. To get to not being overweight, I need to get to 174lbs, and started at 187lbs on 23rd August.


Halfway there to goal one in other words. Whoop!

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