OP GFODT/link round up – 11th September 2012

Okay, so this is a round up of links which didn’t make their own posts, and my food/exercise log. Both after the break.


Verge forum post – Nokia Nexus, the impossible dream. In which Vlad Savov dreams of a Nokia 920 running Android JellyBean.

Silly Cyclists – video blog. Not as funny as the guy thinks he is, but I’m tempted to watch the lot to see if I see anyone I know…

Indiana Jones deleted scene – the original swordfight. The part in Raiders where Indy shoots the guy. Originally, there was going to be a whip/sword fight, and this is the deleted scene.


Breakfast: standard cinnamon bagel, two 500ml Diet Cokes and a big cup of coffee.

Lunch: pea and mint risotto from the canteen at work.

Supper: two toasted jerk cheese, lettuce and watercress sandwiches.


Have actually been doing exercise in previous days, just forgot to record it. Had something after work today, so I went with one long session on one machine.

Cross trainer: 32 minutes, 4.95km, 332 Kcal.

Annoying thing is the new machines at work stop showing the readout when you stop, and have switched from km to miles.

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