Possibly the greatest deck of cards you’ll ever own

If you head over to CreativeCards, you’re probably going to find yourself spending $32 for 54 tiny pieces of amazing art. To quote from the site:

The main aim of the project is to create something astonishing, collectable and unique. We have invited 54 top digital creative ninjas and asked them to pick up one card each and make a design of it in their own style and technique. We are proud that there are such gurus as Joshua Davis, Shotopop, Brosmind, Your-Majesty and others. The one and the only requirement to the authors was so that the theme of their artwork should fit to the card they’ve chosen best and as a result we’ve got a deck of individually illustrated playing cards.

Think the Five of Hearts by Lunartik is probably my favourite. There’s a whole load of evolutionary steps at the about page as well.


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