Op GFODT: Day 7 (whoops)

So I went up to London for Science Museum Lates last night, and thus didn’t go to the gym. The unfortunate part is that some furniture in the flat jumped out at me on Tuesday night, and I think I kind of/might have broken my toe by kicking it. Mainly because the toe’s swollen to twice its size, and turned the same colour as a West Ham shirt (nobody needs a picture). Going to talk to the instructor in the gym to find out what I can still do. That’s not going to be tonight though, because I’ve got to pick my car up from my mechanic. Good sign that I feel bad about missing the gym though, right?

Here’s a great video about musical milestones, food diary is after the break:



Breakfast: two 500ml Diet Coke, cinnamon bagel, big coffee.

Lunch: wild mushroom soup and toast, steamed curly kale.

Supper: M&S cheese and onion sandwich.

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