Science Museum Lates – quick try of a Sony RX100

Went up to Science Museum Lates last night. I didn’t want to take my full camera or a bag with me, but I didn’t want to just use my phone camera either. Borrowed a Sony RX100 from work, as I’ve wanted to have a try of one after reading this review at The Verge.

It’s a pocket sized compact camera, but the sensor inside is near DSLR sized (1″ – same size as Nikon’s 1 series). Camera can shoot JPG, RAW or RAW + JPG. Got the RAWs to play with as well, but these are the JPGs as they came off the camera (only adjust is rotation). Mainly left the camera set on auto, as I wanted to see what I’d get with happy snapping, rather than getting into the huge amount of custom settings you can change. Seriously good, and one I’d seriously think about to keep with me on a day to day basis, while keeping the DSLR for gigs/planned stuff. Good quality stuff as standard, tonnes of flexibility in the settings, and charges off Micro-USB (same as a phone).

To quote The Verge: “If you’ve already got an interchangeable lens camera and simply want something more portable, however, the RX100 is impossible to beat right now.”


Ground floor:






Iron Lung/Launchpad/18th C:



Turing Exhibition:


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