Op GFODT: Days 5 and 6

There’s a post on Cracked today called 6 True Stories That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity. Good stuff.

No update yesterday (bit of stress stuff), so here’s yesterday and today:


Breakfast: two 500ml Diet Coke, cinnamon bagel.

Lunch: currant bun. Two pints orange juice and soda.

Supper: M&S sandwich.

No exercise.



Breakfast: two 500ml Diet Coke, cinnamon bagel. Big cup of coffee.

Lunch: Asparagus and parmesan risotto and cauliflower at work.

Supper: Griddled halloumi, red peppers and courgette. Can of non-alcoholic Bavaria Wit beer.

Two or three litres of water in there as well.



Bike: 5.1km in 9:54 minutes. Machine reports 140 KCal.

Cross Trainer: 2.1km in 10:00 minutes. Machine reports 114 KCal.

Rower: 2.2km in 10:00 minutes. Machine didn’t give me KCal.

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