Operation GFODT: Day 1

Okay, so today I joined the gym at work. I want to get into shape, and I figure part of the way to keep at things is to make that public, and to make progress/updates public. Hence, today is day 1 of Operation GFODT (Get Fit ODie Trying).

My general plan is to update this once a day, with a breakdown of what I’ve had to eat and what exercise I’ve done during the day. I’ll also include links and the like to various bits and pieces, just to keep these interesting. The aim’s to get an hour or so of exercise most days – there will be exceptions, but I should be able to justify them.

There’s a really simple way people can help me with this: if I’m eating unhealthily, or not getting the exercise without a good excuse, call me out on it. Seriously, I want to harness peer pressure for good here.


Anyhow, today’s food:

Breakfast: cinnamon bagel, two 500ml Diet Cokes, large cup black coffee.

Lunch: macaroni cheese from work.

Supper: an avocado, four cheese ravioli from Tesco, R Whites lemonade lolly, can of Bavaria Wit non-alcoholic beer.

About three litres of sparkling water through the day as well.


Today’s exercise (which I’m not 100% sure what I should record from the machines for analysis later):

Cross Trainer: 2k in ten minutes.

Bike: 4k in ten minutes.

Rowing machine: 2k in ten minutes.

Treadmill: 2k in fifteen minutes.


Weight measured just now is 187lbs, which combined with a height of 5’10” gives a BMI of 26.8. That puts me in the overweight category. To get to the upper end of the healthy category (24.96), I either need to increase my height or lower my weight. Given that the first might be a bit difficult, it leaves losing 13lbs to get to 174lbs.

What’s a realistic target for losing a stone?


Anyhow, for more interesting stuff, here’s the Avengers blooper reel:


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