Daily links: 17th August

Usual weekday links.

Elements – warning: do not open this if you have a history of spending too much time playing Magic.

“James my mate fancies u x” – one hell of an anti-texting/driving advert.

ControlPad – windows application that allows you to launch stuff from the numberpad. Quite useful, especially as you can send a number of commands at once.

Creating a being of pure evil – sometimes, I wish scientists had to watch a number of films relating to their area and were asked not to follow the plots in everyday life.

Burning Man and rights – Burning Man have a license for photographers that restricts their rights to their photographs, but it’s well reasoned out as to why. Read the link to see how.

Root Bridges in India – how some areas on India have 500 living bridges. Amazing photos.

World Shipping Map – reminded of this by the piracy episode with the Russian ship. Strangely fascinating.

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