Logic Problem tour: Dover, outbound and back to Cambridge

Ellis was organising a weeks worth of shows in the UK for Logic Problem, to coincide with the end of their European tour. They weren’t needing to carry backline, so I booked a week off work and said I’d drive for the week. Figured it would be a laugh. Agreed to go and pick them up on Friday 3rd July in Europe to get stuff back across the channel.

So I left work to get the Dover – Dunkirk ferry at 8pm. I don’t tend to have the best luck with ferrys, and this was born out here – missed the 8pm and had to get the 10pm. This meant I got to Dunkirk at just around midnight UK time. Lucky for the hitchhiker I picked up in Dover who was going to a protest/festival near Brugges though. Stopped for a few minutes to stare at the insanely bright flaming tower over Dunkirk, and then set off. Dropped him in Brugges, and then drove down to Maasbree in Holland. The show they’d had the night before was at a place called Kiet De Jaegers. Literally a small outbuilding at an old family farm with a marquee attached in the middle of nowhere. I could only see the aftermath, but from that and what they said, it must have been nuts.

Anyhow, got one hours sleep in the back of the car, loaded up and drove back to the Channel. The band crossed on foot, and I used my return from Dunkirk with the car. Trip up to Cambridge for DS’s Independents Day all dayer. Good bands, good gig, unfortunately absolutely and utterly shattered. Daniel is stoked on meeting members of Snuff, Blocko, Aston Boss Tuneage, etc, etc. Slept in a park for a bit, slept on a floor for a bit, slept sitting in the back of the merch area for a bit – you get the idea. Somehow manage to drive back to Louis’s in Wallingford to sleep in the end.


Ferry in Dover.


Insane burning tower in Dunkirk.




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