Stefan Flanders at SpecOps Network in Munster

Stefan Flanders at SpecOps Network in Munster. 23rd August 2014.

After our crazy night of spreadsheets, the Lego Movie, non-alcoholic beer and vegan kebabs we had another short drive. This time we were heading from Hamm to Munster. Tom had played a different venue in Munster before, so we decided we’d head there and just hang out. Admittedly, did find a park to play in before that. Just big kids really. Anyhow, the cafe had Club Mate, which Jimmy had been telling me I’d probably like. Had a 500ml bottle, liked it. Had another bottle. Had a third bottle, and then got a fourth. That’s when Jimmy noticed I’d been to the counter a few times, and asked in a concerned voice if I knew that it was about as caffeinated as Red Bull. Think I spent most of the rest of the day with a death grip on various tables and slightly twitching. That stuff is good.

Name of the venue had been niggling me, because it sounded familiar. Turns out it’s named after the organisation in Jasper Fforde’s Thursday Next books. It’s almost half bookshop, half social organising centre, half venue and half bar. Which makes it two things as a whole, but it did over achieve a lot. Headlining that night was Stefan Flanders. Finished up, then headed back to Essen to sleep.

More photos and video after break.

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