The Lion And The Wolf at a wedding

The Lion And The Wolf at a wedding in Germany. 22nd August 2014.

Today was possibly the day looming largest in Tom’s mind over the first few days of the tour. Mainly because he’d been asked to play a wedding. A wedding is traditionally a happy day in a large number of people’s lives, and The Lion And The Wolf is… erm… not exactly party music (“folk punk from the sadder end of the spectrum”, “thought provoking reflections on themes of painstaking love, loss, and homesickness”, “fragile emotion memories of sadness and loss”, you get the idea).

Of course, me and Jimmy were supportive, and in no way repeatedly mentioned this in the car, on the ferry, in the hotel room, while we were getting breakfast with Tommy. None of these.

It actually turned out to be fine – the most German looking of venues in the countryside. Tom had a bit of a warm up in the field beforehand, and then me and Jimmy played football with a little kid. We got wedding grub as well! All finished up quite early, so we checked into a cheap Hotel BB for the night in Hamm. Total Lads On Tour free evening – we got vegan kebabs, watched The Lego Movie, Jimmy watched the golf, I had alcohol free beer, and Tom did his spreadsheets.


More photos after break.

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