The Lion And The Wolf at Cafe Zogel in Dusseldorf

The Lion And The Wolf, Jimmy Broomfield and Major (One Eye Open) at Cafe Zogel in Dusseldorf. 21st August 2014.

Next day after De Villa we had a short trip to Dusseldorf, so we had some time to kill. Took the option to stop off in Baarle – it’s a place where Belgium and the Netherlands have enclaves within each other and enclaves within those enclaves. You can walk along a street and cross the border three or four times.

After that we headed to Cafe Zogel in Dusseldorf to meet up with Tommy. Tommy plays in One Eye Open with Major, and Major opened up the gig. Played a bit of Ingress beforehand and ended up meeting one of the German Resistance (I’ve got an Enlightened take on life).

More photos and video after break.

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