The physical side of the web

This is an Andrew Blum TED Talk from 2012. He got curious about what the actual physical side of his internet experience was, so he tracked it backwards and decided to visit the internet as far as he could.

The line “a squirrel is chewing on your internet” makes it worthwhile alone.

You can keep your zombie apocalypse films…

I’ll stick to Cold War nuclear apocalypse ones. We’re talking about something which came very close to happening at times (either through accident or brinksmanship), and which would have been more devastating than the vast majority of hypothetical hordes of shambling undead.

Here’s a few of my favourites after the break. Depending on how your mind works you’ll either find these crushingly depressing, or you’ll suddenly find that nothing is quite as bad as you thought it was after watching them. One way to really impose scale on day to day struggles.

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